There are several bands from all continents that have awkward names which make no sense or are hard to mention to other people. Most bands with awkward names are American, British and Brazilian that sing punk, rock, electric, hard metal, post-punk music. These bands are unknown worldwide due to their weird names as they would have done better in the music industry if the bands had normal names. Less awkward band names like In Real Life, Pretty Much and Why Don’t We Are Decent but make little sense since fans can’t decide what it is about real life, pretty much about what or why they don’t want.

Smashing Pumpkins rock band from Chicago

Smashing Pumpkins rock band from Chicago existed between 1988 and 2000, the band’s founder thought he could have chosen a better name but stuck with it as a better name would have improved the band’s sales. Red Hot Chili Peppers from LA was formed in 1983 with four band members, its name relates more to food than music. The punk band Fart barf in California had good hits that might have sold more if the band chose a better name. Texan butthole surfers between 1981 and 1976 produced rock music, but its name makes it difficult to recommend the band to reserved people.

Awkward Music Band Names

The Romanian band Black Mérda performed from 1960 to 1970, broke up then reunited in 2005 did not know Mérda meant fecal matter in English, so the group name meant black fecal matter. Post-punk English band called “The The” sounded meaningless as “The” is used for reference not as a noun. Diarrhea Planet in America was founded in 2009, but its name might be cringe worthy since diarrhea is not related to pleasant occasions, their music might be good the name would keep fans away. ‘Analcunt, from Belgium, was formed in 1988, stayed active until 2011 when its members died breaking the group up. The band would have become more famous with a decent name as their original name sounds obscene or insulting.

Other weird band names are Vaginal Penetration Of An Amelus With Musty Carrot, it has four members and the name sounds like words you would relate to a porn site not a musical band. The band ‘Yes’ lacked creativity in naming as yes is a response not a noun and the name makes the band hard to find on the internet. The Doobie brothers from California sang rock music, their names might be decent, it sounds good, and they might have done better with a serious name.