There have been several famous music bands worldwide since the 20TH century singing different music genres from pop, Rnb, soul, rock, electric or controversial music. The band’s fame is determined by track, album sales, social media followings, trending tracks on music charts, YouTube views and fans who attend concerts or tours. Bands could have loyal fans who listen to all their music plus fans who follow them for specific songs. Famous bands have fan clubs that hype music from their favorite band, buy every track produced by them, fans who are attracted to members’ physical appearance or their talent. The Beatles had the most fans in the ’60s and their albums still sell years after they stopped singing. It made rock music and recorded over 200 songs which were released as albums or solo tracks that still get listened to after they retired.

The four-member rock band had a

The four-member rock band had a ten-year music career that helped them become famous by writing good music, going on tours, concerts and holding live performances. They had songs that topped the music charts for weeks such as ‘Hey Jude’ which helped them gain more fans, fame plus popularity upon release. The band has loyal fans since its music still gets listened to, purchased and shared within fan groups worldwide, making it timeless. It has 3million followers on Instagram, 5million subscribers on YouTube, over 3Billion total views plus over a hundred million sales on the music charts. The band has not released more music for more than four decades, but their music still tops charts worldwide.

Music Bands That Have The Most Fans Ever Worldwide

BTS from Korea was formed in 2013 to write, sing, and produce Korean Pop music which has gained them fans from all continents. Their fans are loyal, having more than 30million followers on social media who call themselves ‘The BTS army’. The BTS army follows the group on their tours, buying its music, print shirts with their favorite band members’ faces on them and invite new people to listen to BTS music. Support from these fans has made the band’s tracks top the American charts, with British Chart boards getting them fans from all continents. With 44million subscribers, the band’s YouTube videos have over 8billion views. BTS continues to gain popularity as it uniquely writes its songs, interacts with the BTS army, writing them autographs and sponsoring them on tours.

‘One direction’ had a big fan base worldwide which grew with every album they released, but the group broke up to pursue careers as solo artists. It would have had the most fans if the band produced music for more than their six-year singing era. The group may have broken up, but its YouTube channel has 35million subscribers and the total 10Billion views increase as fans still listen to the band’s songs, plus fans also buy music online promoting the band’s total sales. Black Pink from South Korea also has a large social media following from fans worldwide. The girl-band has had collaborations with international artists making hits which have helped grow their fan base outside Korea. BTS’s fan base might grow as they make more unique hits making them have the most fans worldwide.