Bands get to be favored by fans at different times based on their music, physical appearance and social media influence. A person’s favorite band may not be another person’s best band. There are several bands worldwide that have good music that gains them over a million fans after every song release. BTS from South Korea sings K-pop, and it has over a hundred million total followers making the group a majority’s favorite band. It was created in 2013 and has produced over five hundred songs released as albums or single hits which have made it to American billboard charts, Spotify plus getting the band music awards nominations. The band has fans from all continents who call themselves ‘The BTS ARMY’. ARMY means “Adorable Representative MC for Youths’, and has half a million members in the Philippines.

The band has seven talented members

The band has seven talented members who compose, sing and produce their music making them unique from other bands. There are more female ARMY members who are attracted to the hot BTS members, not just their music as the group is referred to as the hottest boy band. Its YouTube channel has 44million subscribers with 8billion total views which increases daily as fans are constantly watching or buying the band’s music. The band’s song “Dynamite” was the most popular when the song was released as it became number one on American billboards plus Spotify with over 50million streams within two weeks. Dynamite helped increase the band’s popularity worldwide as it got to the on Twitter promoting the song’s total sales.

What Are People's Favorite Music Bands Right Now

All their music is good to listen to, making the band your best choice easy as you might find yourself listening to their songs regularly. The girl-band Black Pink, from South Korea, rivals BTS in having a huge fan base worldwide with four members. Its fans call themselves Blinks who listen to the band, buy its music or attend their tours. Black Pink has over 30million followers on Instagram and 60million subscribers on YouTube who love Korean Pop. The group was formed in 2016 and has 15billion song views on YouTube, trending tracks on billboard charts making them the girl-band that is most listened to. Imagine Dragons from America writes and performs alternative rock music; it was formed in 2008 with four main performing band associates. The band’s channel has more than 24million subscribers with 10billion total views from songs that top American billboards, making it a favorite of people from all continents.

Favorite bands are determined by the genre to which an audience listens as different audiences have different preferences. A band cannot be a preferred band to all people, but it has fans who listen to its music loyally. Your best band could attract you from their talent, physical appearance or other activities the band has participated in like holding fundraisers for charitable courses or fighting for other musicians’ rights in the music industry. People can have more than a single favorite band as songs are written differently, giving fans a variety to choose from as good music gets listened to within separate bands.