Being a musician can be prestigious or hectic, but it all depends on several factors such as management, the musician’s personality and their fan base. You can make it as a musician if you become a band member or pursue a solo career. For a band to be successful, there are obstacles that should be overcome for the band to get fame, shows, nominations plus tours. Bands involve big teams in which getting to agreements can become difficult. Small music band groups are easier to work with as decisions are reached faster because there are fewer people to consult. A large band could be hard to manage as more people could bring conflicts from having different perspectives and decisions are reached later because of time wasted in discussions.

When a band is starting, it

When a band is starting, it could get fewer shows which don’t pay enough money to share within the band members adequately. Most bands fall out during the formation stages when income from music is not rewarding their hard work. A band grows when there is no conflict from the band members having varying interests they intend to pursue if music fails. Much commitment from every member makes a band strong plus motivated to make music for its fans. Advantages with a band are that members could have different talents like playing musical instruments, having different singing voices which bring harmony to their songs. These talents make it easier to record songs that have authentic sounds without autotune, helping the producer edit songs using shorter studio time.

Whether It Is Better To Form A Music Band Or Stay Alone

A band group uses less money to set up stages for live performances and tours because the band carries its instruments while a solo artist might hire a band to perform with him which is expensive. Another disadvantage with a band is that more people are hired to manage the group like a personal assistant for each member, two public relations managers, the band manager, a promoter and marketer. A solo artist might have a personal assistant who acts as the manager, a promoter that looks for shows plus events making management cheaper unlike band management. Staying alone may be better than a band as money from music sales is not divided as it belongs to the artist while his team is paid separately making funds management easier.

A singer who stays solo could become more successful than a music band since only his drive, passion, persistence, talent, confidence and consistency counts. Unlike in a band, there is less consultation with a single artist. Music bands become famous, but members fall out to pursue solo careers when conflicts pile and their interests change. Choosing to stay alone might be a better option as money earned from album sales goes to the artist as it is not divided like in bands. A stay alone musician spends less money on tours and event organizations as fewer people are involved in management. Music bands work when all members stay committed, transparent, consistent and team work while working on music or performing at events, staying together helps overcome challenges making them successful.